Science for Health 2022

We are very excited to share this year’s edition of Science for Health focusing on Advancing Gene Therapy, and taking place on November 21st 2022, at SQUARE Brussels and Online!

What is Science for Health?

Science for health connects top academics, industry leaders, and policymakers to spark new research collaborations that will advance the field, strengthen the ecosystem, and create innovative patient solutions.

What can you expect?

Top speakers from around the world will share their perspectives on the field's unique challenges and present inspiring stories of success:

    • What will be the treatment modalities of the future?
    • How can technical challenges like targeted delivery or immunogenicity be addressed?
    • What are the latest innovative ways of building clinical evidence to get gene therapies approved?
    • What is needed for the Belgian ecosystem to take on a leading role in the field?

Registrations will open in September, so stay up to date and subscribe to the newsletter!


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