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opening the GATE to multidisciplinary research in regenerative medicine

Mission & Goals


The mission of GATE is to promote collaboration and innovation in regenerative medicine by sharing knowledge, technologies and infrastructure in order to bring better therapies faster to the patient. GATE connects researchers and clinicians who are inspired by the extraordinary potential of emerging gene, cell and tissue engineering technologies to transform the way we treat uncurable diseases, build artificial organs and human-on-chips.


GATE research looks into the use of engineered (stem) cells and tissue products for therapeutic delivery of genes, cell and tissue replacement therapies, as well as artificial systems for modelling disease and drug development in personalized medicine. GATE’s focus is on new solutions for e.g. reconstructive surgery, debilitating diseases such as cancer, neuro – and cardiac syndromes, cancer, eye and hearing problems, that also apply to the markets of drug screening technologies, medical devices and cultured meat.


Multidisciplinary research

Gene, cell and tissue engineering is a relatively new, and by definition, a highly interdisciplinary research field. GATE leverages a multidisciplinary foundation of expertises, technologies and networks that stimulates collaboration, communication and shared use of infrastructure to solve emerging problems in regenerative medicine.

Valorisation and Commercialisation

An established team of 8 business developers guides and supports GATE researchers and clinicians to generate IP, to collaborate with industry or to setup a spin-off trajectory, including for clinical development of advanced therapies.

Education & Training

Through the organization of workshops, doctoral school programs, young investigators’ awards and (international) networking events, GATE educates and prepares the next generation of scientists and clinicians who are needed to accelerate the discovery, translation and application of regenerative medicines.

Regional Ecosystem

GATE wants to become an innovative growth pole of regenerative medicine and advanced therapies within the Flemish/Belgium ecosystem, with international standing, increasing attractiveness for high-potential researchers, funders and investors.

Impact on health care and economy

GATE strives for better survival, higher life quality, less scar tissue, less complications, less pain, lower hospital bills, faster resumption of work and lowered health insurance costs.