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GATE Advanced Therapies and Tissue Engineering


Business, broad communication, funding and multidisciplinary research

Regenerative medicine is by nature a multi-disciplinary field, in which innovation management is becoming evermore complex. To meet these increasing challenges, Ghent University, University Hospital Ghent, VIB and imec are joining forces. This led to the foundation of GATE, a platform where researchers and clinicians from various disciplines and expertise work together with innovation professionals to develop faster, more efficient and more market-oriented solutions for regenerative medicine gene therapy, (advanced) cell therapy and tissue regeneration.

Our ambition is to cover the complete process from early research to first-in-human clinical trials, realizing the promise of regenerative medicine and advanced therapies.


GATE promotes research and technological development of engineered gene, cell, and tissue products for biomedical research objectives, bioengineering applications (artificial organs, organ-on-a-chip) and clinical applications of gene, cell and tissue therapy to restore, repair or regenerate biological function in diseased or injured patients.


The platform covers a broad scope of technological expertise, from designing genetic tools and cell products for therapy, to the development of new materials to guide stem cell behavior and construct tissues and organs for regenerative medicine, as well as artificial systems for drug screening and personalized medicine.