Wim VAN PAEPEGEM is full professor in the research group "Mechanics and Materials and Structures" at the UGent Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. The group is doing experimental and computational mechanics of composites and additively manufactured materials. Relevant in this context is the simulation work for patient-specific medical devices and mechanical characterization of materials.

Prof. Karen De Clerck is Full Professor at the Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering at Ghent University. She is head of the Centre for Textile Science and Engineering (CTSE) and group leader of the Advanced Fiber Materials Research Group. She is an expert in the production, characterization and application of advanced fibrous materials.  

Ward De Spiegelaere is assistant professor at the Department of Morphology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. His main focus is angiogenesis in wound healing, cancer and tissue engineering.

Katrien Remaut is associate professor at the Lab General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy and focuses on nanoparticle-based approaches for ocular gene delivery and the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis.

Prof. Jan Vanfleteren is a Principal Member of Technical Staff (PMTS) at Imec and a part-time professor at Ghent University. He is involved in the development of novel microsystem technologies, especially for wearable and implantable electronics, microfluidics, and tissue engineering applications.

Filip Van Nieuwerburgh heads the UGent Next Generation Sequencing core facility NXTGNT, focusing on transcriptomics, (epi)genomics and bioinformatics.

Associate professor in rhinology at the department of otorhinolaryngology. His research focus is on new surgical and medical therapies for inflammatory sinus diseases and wound healing.

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