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Jan Gettemans is full professor at the Department of Biomolecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. His main focus is research on nanobodies (single domain antibodies) and their implementation in a diverse array of (bio)medical settings.

Tom Van de Wiele is a full professor at the Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology from Ghent University. The research emphasis of his team is the study of host-microbe interactions through the development of innovative in vitro enabling technologies that mimic specific microenvironments of the human body. The generated knowledge complements in vivo observations by providing mechanistic data. It also offers the opportunity to conduct mode of action studies and design novel preventive and therapeutic strategies to steer the microbiome in a health promoting direction through diet, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and live biotherapeutic products.

Frank Speleman is professor at the Department of Biomolecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. His main focus is the study of perturbed gene regulatory processes in paediatric cancer, more specifically neuroblastoma and T-ALL.

Nico Callewaert is group leader and director of the VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology and full professor in biochemistry and biotechnology at Ghent University. His research interests focus on the invention of technologies for medicine, proteins and sugars.  

Olivier De Wever is Full Professor at Ghent University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is co-director of the Laboratory of Experimental Cancer Research. His focus is on 3D cell cultures and tumor environment modeling and interactions in cancer.

Kevin Braeckmans is Full Professor at Ghent University, faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is co-director of the Lab. Of General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy and group leader of the Biophotonics Research Group. His focus is on light-based technologies for investigating and facilitating drug delivery to cells and tissues, including for cell therapy applications.

Former Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Burn Center at the Ghent University Hospital.

Richard Hoogenboom is full professor at Ghent University and heads the supramolecular chemistry group that focuses on the development of advanced functional materials.

Prof. Jolanda van Hengel is heading the medical cell biology group. Her group focuses on the in vitro engineering of functional myocardium that mimics human heart tissue for analysis of myocardial function. Also her group tries to obtain a suitable stem cell type for in vitro meat production.

Aurélie Crabbé is an assistant professor at the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Microbiology at Ghent University. She studies host-microbe interactions in the context of infectious and inflammatory diseases, with focus on chronic lung diseases. To this end, she uses and develops in vivo-like three-dimensional cell culture models that mimic key phenotypic characteristics of the host tissue.

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