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Emmeric Tanghe is a part-time professor at Ghent University and imec. His field of research is computational neuroscience. His group builds biophysical models of neurons and neuronal networks that are modulated by neurostimulation techniques (electromagnetic, optogenetic, ultrasonic). The goal is to find stimulation paradigms and protocols that, to a certain degree, can reverse the pathologic firing behavior caused by neurological diseases. We collaborate with preclinical research groups for in-vitro and in-vivo validation of our models.

Hendrik Feys is a Principal Investigator at the Belgian Red Cross Flanders Transfusion Research Center. The center has a research focus on blood derived products and their applicability in regenerative medicine. Hendrik  is a visiting professor at the Department of Diagnostics Sciences at Ghent University.

Frank Speleman is professor at the Department of Biomolecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. His main focus is the study of perturbed gene regulatory processes in paediatric cancer, more specifically neuroblastoma and T-ALL.

Former Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Burn Center at the Ghent University Hospital.

Prof. Jolanda van Hengel is heading the medical cell biology group. Her group focuses on the in vitro engineering of functional myocardium that mimics human heart tissue for analysis of myocardial function. Also her group tries to obtain a suitable stem cell type for in vitro meat production.

Kristl Vonck is Head of the Department ‘Head and Skin’ at Ghent University and full professor of neurology at the department of Neurology at Ghent University Hospital. Research interests include epilepsy, neuromodulation, bioelectronic medicine and neurophysiological home-monitoring of neurological disorders and is performed at the 4brain lab.

Bert Devriendt is an assistant professor at the laboratory of Immunology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. His research focuses on host-pathogen interactions in the gut and the delivery of therapeutics to the gut tissues. His group develops gut organoids to facilitate this research.

Prof. Debbaut holds a 100% professorship at the Biommeda research group within Ghent University and focuses mainly on the use of computational biofluid mechanics as a tool for personalized medicine by studying applications related to organ perfusion, mass transport phenomena in the context of targeted and locoregional drug delivery, and lymph flow.

Prof. Karen De Clerck is Full Professor at the Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering at Ghent University. She is head of the Centre for Textile Science and Engineering (CTSE) and group leader of the Advanced Fiber Materials Research Group. She is an expert in the production, characterization and application of advanced fibrous materials.  

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